Cosmetics Valley

Nowhere near Silicon Valley, but equally profitable, the vast industrial area near Chartres, France is home to prestigious cosmetics brands.

Guerlain's new facility, nicknamed 'La Ruche' to evoke the brand's noble beginnings under Napoleon III, opened outside Chartres in 2014. According to LVMH Group' s Full Year Results 2014, the launch of the new facility was very successful and coincided with the launch of the new perfume L'Homme Idéal.

The brand's new, modern space is destined to produce over 25 million products per year, primarily cosmetics and skin care. In an interview, Alexandre Oulès, Director of Operations at La Ruche, emphasized the importance of modernization for the cosmetics industry, which is in need of restructuring and transparency. Mr. Oulès is confident that Guerlain has pioneered a return to the medical principles of pharmacology, long ignored by the majority of brands. This seems to be a very positive and well designed strategic initiative within the LVMH group since the market for cosmetics is concerned about manufacturing practices and sustainability.

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