Thomaï Serdari, Ph.D. is a strategist in luxury marketing and branding. She helps clients launch, grow, and successfully manage luxury brands. She is an expert on luxury and actively studies, values, and reports on companies or funds that operate and invest within the luxury goods market.
Thomaï has been teaching at New York University since 2004. She has developed a variety of courses at NYU, among which: “Cultures of Excess: Product and Fashion Design through Modernity,” “Senior Thesis Methodology,” and “Entrepreneurship in the Business of Art.” She also developed the core courses for the Luxury Marketing specialization at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, MBA level: “The Core of Luxury: Processes, Products, and Strategies through History,” “Luxury Branding: Brand Thinking and Experience,” and “Luxury Launch: Designing & Marketing a Luxury Product/Project/Enterprise.”

Originally trained as an architect at the National Technical University of Athens, Thomaï received her doctorate in Art History & Archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University in 2005. She also holds an MBA from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University, with a specialization in corporate and quantitative finance (2009).

Thomaï is one of the main contributors to the LVMH Fundamentals in Luxury Retail: A CPC/Parsons Collaboration, an education program designed to train and provide a wide range of retail skills to Chinese-Americans. Along with Jonathan Faiers, Thomaï is co-editor of Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption a journal published by Bloomsbury Press.

Heavily drawing on her interdisciplinary training, Thomaï conceived of as a new type of information service that delivers marketing, consumer, and creative intelligence to a broad business audience. In combining these three fields, Thomaï promises to deliver cultural insights in a format that informs strategic thinking and inspires immediate action.

Please drop her a line at editor[at]piqluxury[dot]com