You, the brand professional, are the reason why we exist. We analyze, interpret, and visualize content that we gather through qualitative research in order to provide you with the cultural insights that will put your marketing campaign, product launch, or brand ahead of the curve.

In doing so, we turn qualitative intelligence into strategic advice that you can apply immediately. Learn more about what qualifies us to do this work for you.



We identified a gap in research, a gap that hinders you from visioning the future of your industry.   offers you intelligence that stems from thorough historical analysis, illustration of the main driving forces that impact a field, and visions of leaders with vast networks of influence that shape the future.


Consider   the bridge that connects you to the world of cultural insights, otherwise inaccessible and untapped, to present well-rounded, applicable knowledge that serves those working on marketing initiatives, product launches, and brand communications.

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We too have an ‘Ivory Tower’ name, Practical IQ on Luxury Brand Management, 

preferably .

We promise to produce information focused on first-rate research and keep an eye on the market to ensure that the information we provide remains current, relevant, and speaks to the future.


Our goal is to offer you what we discovered, read, and internalized, in a format easy to grasp in the fraction of time it took us to go through the entire process (research various databases, shortlist trends that will stick, articulate insights and offer them to you in an easy to follow format along with examples that reinforce the point.)

We will always add to the discussion by interviewing a professional who is a visionary, a leader with influence, with a body of work to prove it. This helps us deliver on our promise, highlight the path to your brand's success through culled cultural intelligence.



  • We cherry-pick the best ideas.
  • We rely on our in-house 20-year academic career, coupled with coaching experience and 10 years of business expertise.
  • We keep things simple, flexible, and fluid.



We are focused on your professional challenges. The information we provide to you is a carefully designed road map to get from ‘good’ to ‘excellent.’ To combat monotony, repetition and complacency we embrace surprises and send them your way to keep you inspired.

We are very curious, quite nimble, and absolutely holistic in our approach to brand management. Subscribe to get all the benefits of a professional-level membership.